Top Advantages of Room Additions

Room additions are an amazing way of transforming your home and providing your family with the necessary space and amenities they always dream of having. Whereas numerous homeowners look into remodeling strategies, others take full advantage of the many advantages of room additions like potential rental income, added space or more natural light into the room. There are numerous other benefits to investing in home additions.

Home Additions Offer You More Space

Many homeowners wish for more space whenever the topic of improving homes come up. They like to keep photo albums, workout equipment, bikes and much more. A room addition can adversely add to your usable surface area, whether it is in the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom or family rooms. Sometimes, a small addition may yield great results. Adding three or four feet to a tiny bathroom or kitchen can open bring out a world of possibilities.

Home Additions Can Accommodate Extra Family Members

It is no secret that many kids are moving back home. According to recent studies by the Pew Research Center, nearly 40% of young adults prefer living with their parents. In the year 2012, a record 21.6 million millennials young adults aged between18 and 31 years were registered to live with their parents. Moreover, elders choose to move back in with their kids.  If you have enough space, home additions may include a whole bedroom.

You May Rent It Out For Extra Income

By just deciding to build a full bathroom and bedroom, homeowners can also rent out the additional space and make it a source of extra income. While the whole house may get cramped, some homeowners choose to rent their room additions to cover up for the building costs. It is not the most standard path to take for home additions, but obviously, one that cannot be ignored, given the current economic times.

Room Additions Can Add Value to Your Home

Many homeowners assume that adding more space would increase the value of their home, which is not always the case. If you are constructing a home addition with the aim of increasing your home’s value, it is recommended that you conduct your research or contact a real estate professional, before you begin.

Room Additions Are Much Cheaper Option Than Moving

It is obvious, but regardless of the type of home addition you undertake, it is always a much cheaper option than moving. Moreover, moving comes with massive hassles of packing, hiring professional home movers as well as reorganizing. Additionally, for home additions, framing and concrete can get under way for a minimum of two weeks before the construction proceeds to your current home. Therefore, when it comes to comparisons, room, and home additions are a much cheaper option than moving every time.


A home addition is among the many techniques you can use to transform your current house into the dream home you desire. Home additions are cheaper than many remodeling projects and are always more affordable compared to moving. Whether you want an extra room for a family member, more space or simply want to update your master bathroom, you should never overlook home addition as a possible option.