Family Room Addition Cost Estimate

A common space for your family activities and relaxation is an excellent idea. Be it time to play, work or study; adding a family room helps nurture family ties. The expenditure to modify your garage or basement into one such room varies:

  1. As a DIY project, the amount can be anywhere between $200 to $5000.
  2. Hiring professionals may cost you $7,500 to $50,000 or even more depending upon manpower charges, size and condition of the room you want to transform, quality and expense of the furnishings and accents like wiring, tiling, paintings, and additional rooms such as toilets.

Budget :

The cost of rebuilding a family room all by yourself is about $20-$50 per square foot, i.e., for a 16×25 ft. (400 square ft.) room the bill can be around $10,000-$20,000 depending upon the quality of elaboration and equipment. A homeowner from Michigan spent less than $10,000 to build his 20×14 ft. family room. Finally, do the work only if you’re absolutely confident about your proficiency or else opt for professional service if you don’t want your money to go to the drain.

The usual range for hiring an expert runs between $75-$250 per square foot which equals to $30,000-$100,000 for a 16×25 ft. room. But intricate and lavish projects may be as costly as $300-$500 or even more per square foot. A family from California spent $139 a square foot – almost $33,300 for a mere 20×12 foot (240 square ft.) rectangular family room.

Necessary Steps:

Go through websites such as, to choose the right kind of family room for yourself. Be sure to check for the required legal permits in your area while going for any additions. You can also check out Better Homes And Gardens for an overview of the legal requirements.


  1. Blueprints are a must unless you are going for a simple modification of your family room. While some architects ask for a fee of $700 to $10,000 or more, others may tab 5-15% of the total expenditure for drawing a plan.
  2. You can also buy books for $10-35 to sketch ideas for your room or may visit local libraries.
  3. Invest $40-$230 a month to rent lockers for your valuables and to safeguard the large items with plastic. Since renovation means construction dust flying everywhere in your home; you might want to rent a motel room, stay at friends’ place or go for a vacation to evade the process.
  4. Adding real estate property generally, results in a tax increase. So budget your additions keeping in mind your monthly utility bills.
  5. Experts suggest hiring licensed contractors, electricians for arranging necessary permits and inspections. But do verify about them with Better Business Bureau and go for a written contract mentioning a draft of the work, equipment used, a deadline of the project, and payment disbursement. For any further assistance, you can also refer to National Association for the Remodeling Industry’s online booklet.