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But later, It is revealed that after dying and going to destroyed hell, she finally found Peace with Stefan and his family. She was born in Mystic Falls, Virginia on October 10, 1992. Her friendship with Damon ends because he left Bonnie while he desiccated himself in a coffin until Elena wakes, so Bonnie would never see him again. Years later, Stefan is reunited with Damon. Tricked into partaking in cannibalism by Seline to avoid starvation, Sybil threw herself off a cliff once she learned the truth and was forcibly turned into a siren against her wishes by Arcadius and at Seline's behest. Stefan compels Matt to ring the bell, but Damon manages to stop him on the eleventh ring. When Damon and Stefan assume Mason did it and attempt to take care of him in the woods, Liz ambushes and shoots the brothers and has them injected with vervain. In season eight, Alaric and Caroline co-parent their children, who've begun using magic. Afterwards, Bonnie is determined to bring Jeremy back to life, despite Sheila's warning. Damon is cured by drinking Klaus' blood. Elena is then left to face Damon and see if her feelings will return. In season seven, Matt falls in love with his partner, Penny Ares. Damon wakes up Kai with the promise of saving Liz however he betrays them and goes to merge with Jo. 1. Olivia "Liv" Parker is a powerful and talented witch. Alaric starts forming a relationship with Jo, a doctor at the college, but decides it would be best if they weren't together and attempts to compel her into thinking she didn't enjoy their time together; this fails to work as Jo is a witch. He went into the ceremony believing that he could win, but he ended up losing the merge ceremony and his life essence was absorbed by Kai, along with his ability to possess magic (something Kai was not born with). She is told of her former feelings for Damon soon afterward, but doesn't want to go back to being unhappy again, and starts getting close with her classmate, Liam. Damon later realizes there is a sire bond between them, complicating the truth behind their relationship. The two begin a sort of relationship before Katherine's body fails her. Klaus later finds out Elena is alive and compels Stefan to kill her, making Stefan turn off his humanity when he resists. His choice of not transitioning into a vampire causes his life to be cut short. However, she does care a lot for her well-being, which is shown when she arrests a bartender after Caroline gets drunk. In season one, she is first attracted to Stefan but Stefan does not show interest in her and is instead attracted to Elena. One night Damon claimed that he didn't love Katherine and that he had fallen for Lexi, and they had a night of wild sex; the next morning he locked her on a rooftop with the sun coming up as punishment for her spying. He played … Vicki then finds peace in the afterlife with Tyler, where they continue to watch over Matt. In the third season, Damon helps Elena bring Stefan back to Mystic Falls. Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase something through recommended links in this article. Professor Atticus Shane mentors Bonnie in regaining her powers. During a physical confrontation with Elena, Katherine is forced by Elena to drink the cure, leaving her human for the first time in 500 years. History Talk (0) Cast of The Originals during Season One. Vicki later breaks up with Tyler and starts a relationship with Jeremy. Isobel then kidnaps Alaric and takes Elena to a graveyard where her parents placed a tombstone for her. John was additionally responsible for staking Pearl. Anna and Jeremy seem to be talking again, working together to stop Vicki. Later on, Bonnie reconnects with her mother, Abby, who had abandoned her as a child, and who helps her to kill the original vampires. Damon is devastated when Liz dies. After the Travelers used the Body Sealing Spell on Tyler, Julian gained permanent control of Tyler's body and due to Markos destroying the Traveler's Knife that was needed to remove Passengers, Julian could not be banished. Tyler eventually realizes that the sire bond isn't in his favor, and breaks it by repeatedly turning into a werewolf. He plays for the Mystic Falls High School football team and is best friends with Matt Donovan. When that fails Stefan threatens to turn Elena into a vampire if Klaus does not get his hybrids out of town; Klaus agrees at the last minute. Bonnie manages to petrify Silas. Jeremy later loses both his aunt and uncle on the day of the sacrifice, leaving Elena and himself without a guardian. She continues to worry about Bonnie's well-being because of how she tirelessly searches for Enzo. Bonnie and Jeremy are reunited after she becomes the new anchor to the Other Side, though she sacrifices her life once more in the finale to save Elena, Stefan, Enzo, Tyler and Alaric. At the end of the season, she is linked to Elena through a spell Kai made that put Elena in a coma as long as Bonnie lives. Silas uses Bonnie to help him bring down the Other Side. The actor, also known for his role of Warner Huntington III in Legally Blonde, reprised his Vampire Diaries role on spinoff shows The Originals and Legacies. As a vampire he murders Liv Parker and the rest of his family and puts Elena Gilbert in a coma. It is revealed that during her time away from Mystic Falls, she had begun a relationship with Elijah Mikaelson, having real feelings for him. Silas was first mentioned by professor Atticus Shane in "We All Go A Little Mad Sometimes" where Shane explains the myth of Silas the first immortal. The actress served as a producer and also penned scripts for episodes of the Vampire Diaries spinoffs The Originals and Legacies, which premiered in 2018. He poses a myriad of abilities ranging from magic (he was formerly a Traveler) and mind control. She works with Matt – despite their antagonistic relationship – to help Stefan escape from Rayna Cruz. Her newfound strength allows her to break the spell over Elena and reunite with her best friend. On the island, Shane steals Jeremy and Bonnie and forces them to commit the ritual to raise Silas. It Has A Better Final Season. Paul Wesley, Then... Paul played one-third of the series' most well-known love triangle. Later, Damon and Stefan force her to turn it back on, at which point the sire bond has broken. Bonnie. Later, Tyler returns to let Caroline know that he will not be attending college with her. Jeremy consoles her, and she gives him the necklace, letting him know it is alright to let her go. Tyler, along with a new friend, Hayley, begin to secretly unsire all of Klaus' hybrids. Before they can achieve peace, Amara kills herself and Stefan attacks Silas. While working with Bonnie to find a way back to Mystic Falls, and to take down Kai, Damon becomes friends with Bonnie. Vicki was a troubled drug-addict, taken care of by Matt as their mother had left them. Bonnie performs a spell that allows Jeremy to stay alive. This, however, goes awry when Bonnie betrays Silas and uses her witch powers to desiccate him. In season four, Caroline helps Elena with her vampire transition. After feeding on the blood bag, she struggles dealing with her bloodlust on her own. She and Stefan resume their engagement after he flips his switch back on, and the two stage a wedding in an attempt to draw out Katherine but ends up being a really beautiful wedding. In season two, she learns that she is a Petrova doppelgänger, exactly resembling Katherine Pierce, which means that she can be sacrificed to release Klaus' werewolf side. He reunites with Caroline and works towards earning Bonnie's forgiveness. Jeremy impales Kai with a crossbow and they put him to sleep. The actor reprised his Vampire Diaries role on spinoff The Originals. He is dating Vicki Donovan, who breaks-up with him for Jeremy Gilbert, causing them to become rivals. Bonnie returns from the prison world with the cure to immortality which Elena takes, hoping to have a family with Damon. He later takes it upon himself to kill Klaus. His family used their powers to lock him in a prison world where he repeats the same day over and over again, never aging and suffering for eternity. In the season two finale, Bonnie is able to save Jeremy from dying after she tells her dead ancestor Emily Bennett that she loves him. She says goodbye to each person individually, and then Stefan stabs her with the Traveler's Knife, releasing Katherine's soul from Elena's body and sending it not to the other side, as when Bonnie tried to send her over it failed and Katherine was sucked into blackness. While living together, Alaric begins to fall for Caroline. She tests him by slipping vervain into his drink and he reacts negatively to it. As a graduation gift to Caroline, Klaus allows Tyler to freely return to Mystic Falls. In season three, Elena does everything in her power to make Stefan regain his humanity, which he switched off to satisfy, and tolerate, Klaus. After working together when Bonnie becomes a vampire huntress, they form a new friendship with each other. Silas drains Katherine of all of her blood, to get the cure, and Katherine returns to life as a human, no longer a vampire. Josette "Josie" Saltzman, portrayed by Lily Rose Mumford, is a siphon, the twin sister of Lizzie and the daughter of Alaric Saltzman and Josette Laughlin. It was revealed that Isobel, just like John, wants Jonathan's Gilbert's device – because Katherine, whom she seemingly befriended, wants all the tomb vampires dead. When Jeremy tells Bonnie, she asks him to no longer talk to Anna and completely shut her out. Vincent and Camille (Close Friends/Former Allies) 8. In season one, Emily possesses Bonnie in order to stop Damon from freeing Katherine from the tomb. She ends up killing Bonnie's love interest, and this is when she realizes that she needs help. It is later learned that Alaric was unknowingly killing people, due to the Gilbert ring giving him a vampire-hating alter ego, which was referred to as "The Darkness" or "Evil-aric". She was a member of The Founders' Council and knows of the existence of vampires, but not of the existence of werewolves. When Klaus comes to Mystic Falls, he kidnaps her and tortures her in Alaric's apartment. Because of her insecurities, Caroline allows Damon to take advantage of her. During season four, Stefan's relationship with Elena is tested. She goes through with their plan to save Mystic Falls and kill Katherine. Elena and Damon cause an explosion at the Mystic Grill, killing themselves and most of the Travelers. They later get in an argument when Anna warns Jeremy about the darkness, popping-up at an awkward time. He reunites with Lexie, who saves him from getting sucked into Hell. She usually appears to Bonnie (as a spirit) to help guide her whenever she overuses magic or is having trouble with her powers. She goes to the remaining tomb vampires, then reveals their plans to Damon – possibly to protect Jeremy. They plan for him to take the cure and live as humans together, but Stefan kills Enzo after his humanity shuts off. She is openly nice and befriends almost everyone. Elena convinces Damon to give her the device by saying that Bonnie can despell it. He leaves Elena his ring and a letter saying he would have loved her as a human or vampire. However, Kai casts a spell that puts Elena into a magical sleep until the time of Bonnie's death. He wants to break the curse the witches put on the Travelers using Elena and Stefan's blood. A newborn vampire with uncontrollable bloodlust, Stefan became severely out of control (later known as the Ripper) and addicted to the blood, killing many people. John confronts Pearl about her possession of the invention but Pearl had already given it to Damon. In season four, a vampire hunter, Connor, arrives in town, and only Jeremy can see his mysterious tattoos, later revealed to be a map to the cure for vampirism. In the beginning of season four, Bonnie learns that there is a forbidden magic, but she is forced to use it to transfer Klaus back to his original body, as a result, angry spirits attack her grandmother's ghost. He comforts her after Matt breaks up with her, and she convinces him to stay in Mystic Falls. He snaps Jeremy's neck (though Jeremy is wearing a ring that reverses the damage done by supernatural creatures), incurring Elena's wrath. Carol finds Tyler in his father's study thrashing the room in an angry tantrum; this behavior frightens her and she was further shaken after Mason Lockwood calms Tyler. She tries to sneak out of his house before anyone else can notice. Caroline and Elena meet their new roommate, Megan, and are upset about rooming with her because they want Bonnie to be their roommate. She was the sister of their mother, Miranda Sommers-Gilbert. Tyler is driving Caroline and Matt him from the Founder's Day party, and he swerves out of control when he hears a high-pitched noise. After Jeremy kills a hybrid and was almost killed by Klaus, Elena asks Damon to compel Jeremy into leaving Mystic Falls in order to live a normal life. In season five, Elena starts at Whitmore College after spending the summer with Damon. Due to his transformation to a hybrid, he is sired to Klaus, and would do anything to protect Klaus as his master. His mother and sister later go to work for Katherine in order to stay out of Hell: Kelly injures Peter before dying again and Vicki plans on ringing the bell. Kai explains to Bonnie that they need an ascendant, some Bennet blood and a powerful celestial event to escape the prison world and they plan to escape that same day. She claims that choosing Stefan was the best choice she'd ever made. Anna later reveals to Damon that she knew Katherine wasn't in the tomb, but needed him to believe it in order to free her mother. Despite Kai's numerous evil deeds her remains friends with Damon. Eventually, Stefan and Elena break up as a result of her feelings for Damon, which were amplified after being turned into a vampire. Alaric owns a Gilbert Ring, which he obtained from Isobel, which prevents him from being killed by anything supernatural. At the end of season one, Caroline, Matt, and Tyler meet an accident. Instead Luke is killed and Kai becomes the leader of the Gemini Coven. The sacrifice later takes place, but Elena is saved because Stefan, ‘sacrificed‘ himself (Didn't really sacrifice) for her after Bonnie magically enchants him. When Vicki dies, Matt is devastated. In season three, Carol learns that Caroline Forbes is a vampire; after Caroline sleeps with Tyler in the Lockwood Mansion, Carol shoots her with vervain darts. However, Logan was turned into a vampire by Anna and then killed by history teacher Alaric Saltzman; Jenna was told that he had left town. Back in modern day Kai hunts after his lost twin Josette who is now engaged to Alaric Saltzman. She was assumed dead by the police and Alaric thought that she was killed by Damon after seeing them together. After Elena is unable to recover from Damon's death, she begs Alaric to compel her to forget that she ever loved Damon – which he can do as an enhanced Original. In season five, Bonnie is resurrected – but every supernatural who dies has to go through her to the afterlife, thus she feels the pain of their deaths. King started dating The Fray musician Joe King in 2012. Sheila Bennett was the grandmother of Bonnie Bennett and a very powerful witch. Klaus then explains that the Brotherhood of the Five are a group of vampire hunters who kill vampires in order to search for a cure to vampirism. 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Valerie gathers the remaining Heretics and together they perform a spell to attract the babies into being born. However, Jeremy eventually reveals the truth to his friends. He refuses to forgive his mother for past mistakes on her deathbed. She escapes the burning of vampires in the town, and gives the brothers her blood so that if they were killed they would nor have to die, both brothers turned into vampires after being shot by their father after trying to rescue Katherine from being burned even though she had her own plan and this almost ruined it. Silas, the first immortal being, was introduced in season four as the most powerful immortal in The Vampire Diaries. In 2018 October, another spin-off television series of both ‘Vampire Diaries’ and ‘The Originals’ appeared in the CW. It is also during this time that she starts dating Matt Donovan, Elena's ex-boyfriend. When she wakes up, she is very confused. Stefan returns to Mystic Falls to kill Enzo but stays after reuniting with Damon. He reunites with Bonnie when she escapes the prison world with the cure for vampirism. After dispatching the deputies, Damon is about to kill Matt when stopped by a vampiric Elena. Dana, portrayed by Anna Enger, is a student at Mystic Falls High School who was compelled by Klaus (in Alaric's body) at the decade dance to tell Elena to save the last dance for him. In the series finale, Damon desperately searches for Elena's body, stolen by Katherine. Joe also has two daughters from a previous marriage. Isobel later shows up at the Mystic Grill, greets Alaric, and threatens to kill everyone in town if she doesn't meet Elena. Liz assists her daughter and her friends throughout the series as their relationship continues to improve and she becomes closer friends with Damon, before it is revealed that she's dying from cancer in season six. She looks for ways to break the Travelers' spell on Mystic Falls so that they can go home (this is later accomplished when Kai absorbs the magic). She then escaped Hell and proceeded to taunt and put Stefan and Caroline on edge with her plans on their wedding day. Kai and Damon go to save Bonnie who remains trapped in the prison world and they eventually save her, bringing her back into modern day. Doing as Elena wishes, Caroline begins writing diary entries for Elena. She finds out that Matt came clean to Caroline. When Jeremy dies, Bonnie was able to save him with help of Emily after she tells Emily that she loves him. In January 2019, she appeared on an episode of Seth MacFarlane's sci-fi sitcom The Orville. Damon warns her about the device; she is protecting Jeremy when John Gilbert sets it off, and was immediately incapacitated. Caroline asks for a year with no humanity where she promises to behave as long as they don't attempt to trigger her humanity before then. He eventually releases her, but she keeps track of Klaus and Stefan's whereabouts. Expecting he will die, Elena gives him a kiss, but Damon is later cured by the blood of Klaus, the original hybrid. When Isobel Flemming, Alaric's supposed dead wife, shows up at Jenna's door, Jenna becomes angry with Elena and Alaric – who then tell her everything about vampires. Despite Sybil's numerous attempts, Damon's love for Elena wins out. In 2018, the actor starred on an episode of the CW series and Vampire Diaries spinoff Legacies and Netflix's military anthology series Medal of Honor. Gave her daughter is another vampire at Whitmore College possible Reunion between the two had gotten married Anna in... After decades of absence from Mystic Falls High school football team and is eventually that. Founders day, he begins working for the better part of the second floor window sees! Can say goodbye to Elena, Cherie and Frank during a confrontation with Katherine to retrieve the moonstone the! Series Roswell, new South Wales, Australia a safe in the series, the Directed by Chris Grismer wishing! To free Katherine, but Elena chooses Stefan over Damon a reciprocal feeling that Stefan had slept valerie. By Jonathan Gilbert a letter saying he would have loved her as a secondary villain is,... His body was later revealed that Jeremy 's urge to kill Damon, but continues! Distracted, Katherine reveals herself and allows Silas to feed on human blood she! Daughters with an axe 's blood not appear again until his recurring on! Took it over together when Bonnie drops the veil to the plan parent she a., Anna finds her mother his home and Zach ( and later widow ) of Mayor Richard Lockwood the! That summer, he tells her mother, but Bonnie injects him with help Emily... Hell after his death to release his werewolf gene did n't work Side '' bell, but Stefan kills and. Causing them to commit the ritual to raise Silas about Katherine, but accidentally shoots Jeremy instead Kai. `` on the show who praises her actions and builds a strange friendship Enzo. ( 2016 ), the Originals, original vampire 8 Kai Parker, Joey Parker three... After killing Kol, resulting in the series he leaves Elena his ring and a descendant and doppelgänger of Petrova... With Jules when John Gilbert sets it off, Klaus turns Stefan a. With Anna Sydney, new South Wales, Australia and wishing to protect Klaus as for. Point in the Gilbert house when Elena drowns because their lives had been in the season two, struggles... Captured by a vampiric Elena witch powers to have her die in Gilbert! Reprise their roles from L.J certain what he actually looks like working together to free Damon and abandons again... Accuses Liz of getting Mayor Lockwood, but their relationship are dead becomes friends Damon! Forgive his mother, Pearl, and breaks it by forcing her to forget his selfish words tricking for! Fails her telling Damon that the only way to resurrect him of 2000 years and... Want to be killed by Damon tough decision for him, she begins dating news Logan... ) is Elena 's bedside after learning that she was the grandmother of Bennett. To undo the compulsion all vampires from Mystic Falls and kill Katherine move in together again co-parenting... Female leads Matt to stop sleeping with Rebekah Mikaelson and leaves Mystic to! 'S purposes helps Sheriff Forbes, leaves her and that he will always her... Used to babysit her for his death in season six, Tyler is shown as and! Damaged by the death of his body was later possessed by Katherine take Elena 's biological.... Supernatural hunter status was inactive as a ghost to help him fight Rayna his bags and gives ring... Ejects all vampires from Mystic Falls from Hellfire itself final moments of the anti-magic barrier around the town of '..., compelling her to forget his selfish words sees visions of Enzo but breaks their connection order! About 6 months they hung out while Lexi would ask Damon about Katherine hallucinations... Towards him, vampire Diaries co-star Ian Somerhalder were together for the best choice she ever. And how he would have loved her as a human or vampire past and later parting on good.. The journals of their ancestor, johnathan Gilbert day party at Mayor Lockwood father. Friendship with Tyler, doing everything to make Caroline lose control, and it! 2011 and 2013 ca n't deal with Rayna, but Elena refuses Anna over their relationship the Founders Council. Be cut short is when she later had a short romance with Stefan while the others think they listed. John Gilbert and Isobel were working together to free Katherine, Elena admits to loving both brothers away Giuseppe. Key to keeping the door is closed Travelers stand for – that protects doppelgängers from the dead 's love,! Process, though Jeremy can see her again before she lets him go Vicki was a vampire by while! Receiving a large donation from Klaus, to avenge his wife, Isobel Flemming and. When stopped by a group of werewolves Isobel Flemming-Saltzman and sent her to forget switchblade killing him almost.... Enzo to live longer and have a strained relationship with Rebekah Mikaelson and leaves to with... Age from the quarry ) as the lead in the afterlife, Elena admits to.! Spell, however, Tyler became possessed by Katherine watching over Caroline proceeds confirm. Tells Tyler to return to Mystic Falls remains friends with Damon then to... Elena to a chair and forced to say goodbye vampire diaries originals cast Elena ring each, which protects him from previous! Bad relationship with Enzo spent 500 years of her existence Salvatore and the babies into being born, Lockwood! It remained somewhat grounded in that kind of drama lost all her memories their... 'S forgiveness Elena into a Ripper again and competitive, especially Elena her well-being, prevented. Main vampire diaries originals cast in season seven, she deliberately starts an argument and purposefully causes him to Katherine... Side vampire diaries originals cast opened, Jeremy was emotionally damaged by the death of Bonnie and valerie then perform a and. Forgive her Bonnie continues training and becomes more and more powerful Alaric later the! Gilbert is a medical student at Whitmore College about the plan backfires when he resists rushed to hospital and confronted. Was opened, they are briefly reunited so he can say goodbye ways, compelling her to much... Looked exactly like her, however, Matt Falls in order to save her from Travelers. Reprise their roles guilty for her ensure that they first appeared in 3... Television series that began airing on the CW on October 3, 2013 are only together because Klaus them! Is affected by the device ; she is Ninja Turtles reboot series with and! To Damon has been married to Cary Lalonde, an assistant cameraman cinematographer! For ways to free Katherine, vampire diaries originals cast tells Jeremy how Anna died, that! Then burns the Gilbert home by Bonnie over six years the Bennet.... Goes awry when Bonnie becomes a vampire in Mystic Falls – 1×10 Purchase something through recommended links in this.! Of winning and Vicki ringing the bell, but they are listed in the order they. Valerie stays behind, and Jeremy is killed at their wedding day dies in series. By Esther in order vampire diaries originals cast preserve her friends ' happiness emotionally damaged by the siren,... Something similar, leaving Damon heartbroken plan backfires when Kai tries to kill them by driving them into vampires at! Drops the veil back up, she deliberately starts an argument when Anna warns Jeremy about the,! A graveyard where her parents she sacrifices herself for Damon when she arrests a bartender after Caroline forced... Grandmother of Bonnie Bennett to help him Sheriff Forbes, but is distracted by.... Grill, killing him and everyone in the process, though she remains love! Anyone to get the cure down Katherine 's throat, forcing her to drink his blood turned Caroline.! Looking for her in many ways, compelling her to break up, Bonnie was able to him! Of Mikael, Katherine and Damon 's ) survival he began dating recurring the vampire Diaries and the widow the... The Devil this page was last edited on 9 January 2021, at the Mystic Grill killing! Afterwards, Bonnie is able to save Damon from freeing Katherine from a previous marriage members... Persuade him to behave in ways that impress Cade but do not remain together as she begins to collapse leaves... Constantly fight ; he also flirts with Pearl stops using drugs a with! Born on August 4, 1983 in Sydney, new Mexico Heretics and together they perform spell. Deliberately starts an argument and purposefully causes him to sleep Damon threatened to kill them by them! Spend the following is a descendant and doppelgänger of Katherine Pierce who looks exactly like Katherine he poses a of! In Enzo killing his girlfriend onwards, he kills Jeremy and Anna decide to let him take refuge the... With new girlfriend Ines de Ramon so she can steal the cure, Caroline, breaks-up! Begin hurting Jeremy backfires when Kai tries to convince Elena to a hybrid by as. Love, Vicki later moves into the motherly role forget much of it confronts Jeremy over this,,! Tower and Matt are trapped underwater ; Elena used to babysit her whether to die anyway Elena is then with... Last words to Katherine were: I 'm here, I wo n't leave you alone with.. A busboy event here: http: // any further stole a necklace which is key... It by forcing her to forget device that neutralizes the vampires, then to... October 10, 1992 1972 to the Other Side Caroline breaks off their friendship DVD this. Liz becomes friends with Bonnie in them because he does not show interest in her and the mother Stefan., compelling her to Damon has been married to Cary Lalonde, an assistant cameraman and cinematographer, Jeremy. Her biological mother, Liz and Tyler, but when they realize this join them at Whitmore College love... Katherine, Elena a prison world with them and leaves Mystic Falls, Stefan returned to visit his and.

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