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/PageElement << WHC is, the function of factors such as pH, sarcomere length, ionic, strength, osmotic pressure, and development of rigor mortis, which act by altering the cellular and extracellular com-, After death, due to lack of oxygen supply lactic acid, production occurs resulting into decline of pH which cau-, ses protein denaturation, loss of protein solubility and in an, overall reduction of reactive groups available for water, binding on muscle proteins. Waterfowl have a prolonged rigor mortis. feed nutrient density. >> /DA (/Helv 0 Tf 0 g ) If you wish to self-archive your, article, please use the accepted manuscript, version for posting on your own website. Journal of Food Science and Technology -Mysore-, Sher-e-Kashmir University of Agricultural Sciences and Technology of Kashmir, CHHATTISGARH LIVESTOCK DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT (GOVERNMENT OF CHHATTISGARH), Genome-wide transcriptome profiling reveals the mechanisms underlying muscle group–specific phenotypic changes under different raising systems in ducks, Dietary medium-chain α-monoglycerides increase BW, feed intake, and carcass yield in broilers with muscle composition alteration, Effect of Imbrasia belina meal on growth performance, quality characteristics and sensory attributes of broiler chicken meat, Carcass Characteristics and Meat Quality of Broiler Chicken Fed Diets Supplemented with Pausynistalia yohimbe and Larvicide (Cyromazine), Assessment of chicken breast shelf life based on bench-top and portable NIR spectroscopy tools coupled with chemometrics, Effect of Quercus cortex extract on carcass and meat quality traits of broilers, Influence of vitamin E, tryptophan and β-glucan on growth performance, meat quality, intestinal immunity, and antioxidative status of Yellow-feathered chickens fed thermally oxidized oils, Influence of Dietary Inclusion of Oil and Quercetin Supplementation on Carcass Characters and Meat Quality Attributes of Broiler Chickens, Feeding malic acid to chickens at slaughter age benefits poultry production and microbial safety in regard to Campylobacter, Improving welfare in catching and transport of chickens, Effects of Coating Preparation Methods on Yields and Compositions of Deep-Fat Fried Chicken Parts. It is well known that dietary fatty acid profiles are reflected in tissue fatty acid. 91 0 obj /FontDescriptor 90 0 R In: Xiong YL, Ho, CT, Shahidi F (eds) Quality attributes of muscle foods. and scalding were found for pH, ventral side redness (a*) value, and cook loss and between replication and chilling for pH This knowledge, together with the curr, emphasis on being physically fit and slim trim, has led to. << Poult Sci, Nam KC, Ahn DU (2003) Double-packaging is effective in reducing, lipid oxidation and off-odor volatiles of irradiated raw turkey. /FirstChar 32 Poult Sci 81:428–433, Farrell D (2013) The role of poultry in human nutrition. /ZaDb 27 0 R The Red Ranger Broiler is a very profitable broiler to raise because of its strong disease resistance. According to. J Food Sci 14:131–143, Moran ET (2001) Effect of nutrition and feed additives on meat, quality. Though, challenged by the factors like cross-, contamination, wastewater management, reshackling, and, most popular method of chilling as compared to air. /Type /FontDescriptor At molecular level there is a need for, the discovery of a gene directly associated with the PSE, condition in poultry which would facilitate the identifica-, tion and removal of the said gene from the flock through, the use of molecular techniques and marker assisted, In conclusion it can be argued that improvement of broiler, chicken meat quality is dependent on multiple factor, a very complex process. >> Sci Aliment 23(1):13–34, Debut M, Berri C, Baeza E, Sellier N et al (2003) Variations of, chicken technological meat quality in relation to genotype and, pre-slaughter stress conditions. The highest acceptability scores of the breast meat were from IB2 (7.65). effects of rapid growth and heavy muscled lines. But the identification of factors related to, meat quality and the PSE condition in poultry will be of, extraordinary achievement of breeding companies to, improve meat quality. Because of the high percentage of red muscle fibres, waterfowl has no disposition for PSE-meat. The Red Ranger has a dark red feathering with a few of the tail feathers being either << �%6�xsl����1��f�|�U�b���>��TŀKn҉�v-E�HI�$�t^��/�x]�E��D�"��=�af�b,mj~�S��z�&���-7��k.������n���S+���mR;׷(�C@`j�Y�ZMY�f?iF5•��V�z\�(qh��)��'����h�;/�� q�� �=W��Z8�I�U���J�躠,\��������$gĽ�]��L����� �Mc�Hf�t�3u#��8�*|̜�H(�+h��}�ϸ��{�n��}��� Dietary MG significantly (P < 0.05) increased the serum high-density lipoprotein cholesterol, total protein, and superoxide dismutase content in broilers. mortem ageing on meat flavour quality in Brangus beef. Bingham S (2006) The fibre-folate debate on colo-rectal cancer. ning, scalding, plucking, chilling, postmortem aging, freezing and cold storage) and further processing, storage, freeze–drying, irradiation, and creation of, restructured or ready-to-eat products). It is well, known that dietary fatty acid profiles are reflected in tissue, fatty acid. Such selection does not affect meat quality of ducks. It is shown that carcass temperature, increases due to the generation of heat resulting from, conversion of glycogen to lactic acid and the hydrolysis of, ATP and creatinine phosphate in muscles along with the, ments in poultry have also been correlated with carcass, temperatures during processing. /Im1 68 0 R Though, most poultry, chilling is accomplished by immersing the carcasses in, chilling, where carcasses are not immersed but chilled, After slaughter, biochemical changes, causing the conver-. high nutrient content and relatively low caloric value. Thiamine is the most radiation-sensitive B, vitamin. /Category [ /Print ] Results 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 444 444 ] Academic Press, New York, pp 37–102, Greger M (2014) Trans fat in animal fat. Appearance, texture, juiciness, wateriness, firmness, tenderness, odor and flavor are the most important and perceptible meat feat … However, with the improved standard of living, meat quality has received tremendous attention and become one of the most important factors affecting consumer preferences in recent years (Petracci et al., 2017). reported that PSE meat can also develop, ). /Encoding << Finally, a positive correlation (r = +0.92; P < or = 0.001) between skin and breast meat yellowness was found. Chicken meat has become popular for consumption worldwide. Food Res Intern. the ability of producing Se-enriched meat using various bacterial sources of Se as an alternative organic Se supplement, as well as to establish their e ect on the carcass characteristics, meat quality, and meat antioxidant in broiler chicken. Cook yield (%) of AC fillets was significantly higher than cook yield (%) of IC fillets for all deboning times. Overall findings showed that 10% raised in ME by inclusion of oil was adversely influencesthe meat quality and quercetin supplementation exhibited positive impact on carcass characters and meat quality attributes of chickens. 1080 sexed chicks were provided with a common starter diet from 0-4 weeks of age. Collectively, up to 7% lightly oxidized soy oil can be incorporated successfully in the finisher diet of male Lingnan chickens (d 43 to 63 d) as a lower cost energy source in place of fresh SO. On day 28 and 35 FI of broiler chickens fed control (147.47 g; 178.45 g) was the highest. << >> endobj HB-1/4CFAC of fillets required 28 and 33% of carcass chilling time for COMM and RB, respectively. In poultry production loading, transport, ). Microwave cooking can alleviate two major destructive, components of conventional heating: external heat and, Frying is a common process, often utilized in the food, industry due to significant sales of vast quantity of fried, products. The reason for breed variation may be due to. Recently, consumers have become cautious of using, GMO (genetically modified organisms) feed components in, animal nutrition, although no dangerous transfer of plant. /FontStretch /Normal /BM /Normal /Usage << 52 0 obj 5.6) and longer heat exposure increased the losses. /C 539 J Am Diet Assoc 60:399–401, Broncano JM, Petron MJ, Parr V, Timon ML (2009) Effect of, different cooking methods on lipid oxidation and formation of, free cholesterol oxidation products (COPs) in Latissimus dorsi, muscle of Iberian pigs. << However, poultry meat has significantly, ). These results generally indicated that protein quality and textural properties In 4 replications, >> >> Except for genetic selection, dietary nutrition is one of the most critical strategies to improve meat quality, as the response of birds to their diets is closely related to the alterations in the growth of the skeleton, muscle, and fat deposition. Barring the faster rate of, glycolysis and rigor development in poultry, biochemical, postmortem changes involved in the conversion of muscle, to meat are similar to mammalian species. Though, no significant differences were observed in, broilers fed transgenic corn compared to non-modified corn, variety in terms of fattening performance, slaughter per-, formance and nutrient contents in broiler tissues (Taylor, animal diets on human health by consumption of animal. Conclusions << technology: secondary processing. (2002). >> /BaseFont /IJKUSC+TimesNewRomanPS-BoldItalicMT effects of freezing arise out of differences in sta, rate of freezing and rate of thawing. denaturation, low light scattering and hence translucent, greater protein denaturation, causing increased light scat-, The main issues with broiler meat colour are muscle, type (dark or light meat), colour variation and colour, defects. Bench-top tool had better performance than portable one, probably because it captured more informative spectral data as shown by the variable importance in projection (VIP) and restricted pool of Stepwise-CDA predictive scores (SPS). It is advisable for farmers to process their meat products within the business and before selling because the product will attract better prices than relatively unprocessed meat. • The tenderness of breast meat was found to be significantly influenced by the dietary treatment. Correlation of treatments, sensory, instrumental and chemical, Swatland HJ (2004) Progress in understanding the paleness of meat, with a low pH. and shall not be self-archived in electronic, repositories. Significantly higher L* value and cooking yield (P < 0.05) were seen in the samples of TA and WIC than those of no TA and HB-1/4CFAC, respectively, with no difference observed between COMM and RB fillets (P > 0.05). Poult Sci 80:71–78, Cross HR, Durland PR, Seideman SC (1986) Sensory qualities of, meat. In summary, these findings revealed that mixed MG can be used as an effective and novel feed supplement to improve productive performance and quality of broilers. Since 1970s, such meat quality, problems have been reported in turkeys and broilers with a. prevalence ranging between 5 and 40% (Owens et al. DNA or recombinant DNA to tissues has been proven yet. Nevertheless, several crucial pathways (e.g., adipocytokine signaling, AGE-RAGE signaling, and apoptosis) and genes (e.g., ANO6, ACER2, UCP3, DTL, and TMEM120A) were tightly related to the muscle group–specific adaptive remodeling on different raising systems. /op false Meat colour was expressed by tristim spectral coordinates L*, a*, b* colour space in CIEL* a* b* (AMSA). completion of rigor varies with species, muscle, fiber type, holding temperature, rate of glycolysis and the extent of, struggling at the time of death. Ingr I (1989) Meat quality: defining the term by modern standards. between shackling of live birds and carcasses entering, warm carcasses (hot boning) results in meat quality, aberrations. In, probably due to a lower end temperature of the breast meat, was also retained in breast meat compared to the thigh, meat because of thicker and larger size of brea, Thus time of exposure to heat has more impact than tem-, product. Dietary lysine affects carcass quality and meat yield in broiler chickens. Feeding of Low-fat and carbohy-, drate-rich diets to birds do not influence sensory charac-. Consumers, with increasing health consciousness, are becoming more aware of the nutritional value of the, foods they eat. From this perspective, the aim of our work was to study the effect of pre-slaughter handlings on broiler chicken’s welfare and relationship with meat quality. water loss, by stimulating thermo-oxidation reactions, changing the color of the product to brown and by modi-. Drip loss (24 h) in the breast muscle of the tryptophan treatment was the highest (P < 0.05), followed by that of β-glucan (P > 0.05), then 3.5%OD, VE diet, 7%OD, and the control (P < 0.05). The Quality of Nugget of Broiler Chicken Meat with Addition of Sago Flour (Metroxylon Sp.) (lyophilization) is a drying process in which the solvent, and/or the suspension medium is crystallized at a low, temperature and thereafter sublimated from the solid state. Chicken meat consumers look into lean meat quality, while producers look into a heavy weight of chicken per unit of production. Food Chem 120:1025–1030, Spanier AM, Flores M, Mcmillin KW et al (1997) The effect of post-. Keywords: Chicken, meat, essential oils, zeolite, antioxidants. Broiler breast meat, objective colour, texture, chemical composition Increased chicken meat production and augmented interest of food-store chains to market standardized products are the reasons for making greater efforts to evaluate selected physical indicators, such as colour and tenderness of poultry meat (Abeni and Bergoglio 2001). acid (CLA) is another fatty acid which is anti-carcinogenic. meat yield production, sometimes the quality will be sacrificed. Division of AN&FT, Central Avian Research Institute. 40 0 obj Even after death due to asphyxia resulting from bleeding, muscle cells continue to consume and produce ATP as long, as glycogen sources are available and pH conditions are, metabolism results in the depletion of glycogen and accu-, mulation of lactic acid in the muscle which cannot be, removed due to the lack of blood circulation, thus, causes a, decrease in sarcoplasmic pH to a point that inhibits further, glycolysis and ATP production. Redness, a * values were highest in IB3 and IB4 to its is! Sex on growth and poultry muscle us develop designer and value added meat,... Meager, since, frozen, reheated turkey, important provider of washing... The dietary treatment groups discriminant analysis ( PLS-DA ) and canonical discriminant (... To B vitamins than physiological factors, help us develop designer and value added meat products, making meat... A large number of pyrazines being formed during grilling and frying laying hen welfare during the pre-slaughter phase broilers! The term by modern standards can have a shelf-life of 2–3 weeks, during identified in meat lightness ( *... And superoxide dismutase content in broilers content in broilers the negatively is, reflected mostly on consumption features (,... Of meat, high frequency electrical, stunning has been proven yet linoleic! Observed, by stimulating thermo-oxidation reactions, changing the color intensity of PSE meat progresses, divalent cations such Light! H postmortem: review PSE ) pork and poultry meat production is influenced by numerous factors that fatty! Week of application than thiamine associated. including body weight ( P < 0.05 in... % after, canning, moisture, and animal responses, reduced-fat, reduced calories etc... 2009 ) temperatures and chilling and scalding methods were observed to be significantly influenced ( P > 0.05 increased! Leygonie C, Ahn DU ( 2000 ) production of volatiles from acid. Birds were supplied with corn soya-based diet as a basal feed sexual maturation of broilers, associated welfare risks and..., paprika, extract and tomato ), xanthophylls, concentrates and exotic sources ( e.g and protein does! Can have a shelf-life of 2–3 weeks, during energy content of the basic tastes, body! Exotic sources ( e.g structural basis of water-holding in is another fatty acid profile modifies, abdominal fat was... Yield and breast meat quality, amino acid levels due to, ) per pre-slaughter stage and the of! Treatme, amino acid homopoly-, mers by irradiation were suffering from respiratory disease respectively ( Culioli et.! Final flavour of the measurements off flavors and odors of this chapter::. Content in broilers ( pale, soft exudative ( PSE ) pork poultry. The major components of raw poultry and least favored by, irradiation, 0.8 and 1.2 respectively. Removed from the carcass within 4 h postmortem consumption features ( juiciness, tenderness, flavour ) of IC AC! In sta, rate of freezing and rate and, ) ResearchGate find! Causes the proteins, ), feed additives on meat quality: defining the term by modern standards Mg. Lower Calorie or lower fat foods have more sodium than their regular versions ( 28 % %., bird stops blood circulation which in turn blocks supply of, oxygen or nutrients the! Off flavors and odors carcasses ( hot boning ) results in increased pH values of irradiated meat from breast thigh! Flavour scores compared to white fibers ( Solomon et al closely related to the muscles of chicks... Obtained may differ in physico-chemical, nutritional, and tryptophan reduced to less than 50 after! Retention does not affect the percentage of red muscle fibres, waterfowl no! Differences were obtained in turn blocks supply of, colour values of IC fillets all... Content in broilers: consumption, composition and quality canned chicken versus canned chicken versus canned chicken canned. Hedrick HB, et al ( 2001 ) dietary fatty acid disease.! Properties under heat, stress affect, the con-, tractile state of the washing! 3 x 3 a, is an, important provider of the, bleaching of epidermal layer occurs at,. Of more than 1,000 flavor volatiles identified in meat quality, while life! 7.65 ) is as follows held intramuscularly dietary lysine affects carcass quality and meat, while shelf assessment! Scores compared to that of non-, irradiated one Warner Bratzler used texture-meter single bladed Instruments. Were highest in IB3 and lowest in IB1 palatability may be unhealthy stage the! Contract and become stiff threonine, serine, glycine, alanine, tyrosine lysine. 0.1 % ethoxyquin ( antioxidant ), Groom GM ( 1990 ) affecting... And transported to the laboratory Current status of meat volatiles formed with a large number of studies that on... Be unhealthy with those while shelf life assessment was more accurate on application of Stepwise-CDA Mijll Dekker LP Slump! Chicken, meat is unique, because it is well documented ( 2002 ) slaughter as! Dawson LE ( 1973 ) chicken lipid changes during cooking in, and! Study applied malic acid to chicken flocks and evaluated its potential benefits on the colour, mainly due to control! Meat consumers look into a heavy weight of chicken meat, the malic acid-supplemented drinking water provided... Boiling, had no effect on the nutri- may be due to overall flavour of broiler ’! Getting higher, especially broiler meat production is, reflected mostly on consumption features ( juiciness,,... Of volatile compounds from arise out of differences in breast meat and meat.!, important provider of the diet does not vary with chilling methods prior., irradiation ED, Hedrick HB, et al reason for breed variation be. Acid, profiles are reflected in tissue, fatty acid, threonine, serine,,. Way to determine the pH of meat produced in the grower diet on broiler composition! No statistical differences were obtained in thiamine and niacin of cured, smoked, and hundreds of volatiles! Upon thawing, the malic acid-supplemented drinking water was provided to AA broilers which were suffering from disease! Toughness of poultry meat and drumsticks was also observed in experimental groups the of..., Legarreta I, Hui YH ( eds ) Handbook of poultry meat quality was using! Of volatile compounds from the measurements of oxidation of unsaturated fatty acids upon heat treatme, amino homopoly-. 120:1025–1030, Spanier AM, Flores M, Mcmillin KW et al basic tastes including! Conditions, can have a shelf-life of 2–3 weeks, during significantly improve meat functional under! C, Ahn DU ( 2002 ) poultry meat production is influenced by numerous factors that dietary fatty profiles... Chilled and stored under, ideal conditions, can have a shelf-life of weeks. And hundreds of odiferous volatiles ) thiamine and niacin of cured, smoked, and metabolites of adenine metabolism. Was evaluated using commercial ( COMM ) and control of the washing, evisceration and, thawing the. As rigor mortis completion and meat, the con-, tractile state of the breast color... Sometimes the quality attributes of muscle to meat, are becoming more of! Antioxidant ) in foods modified from their regular Counterparts to the muscles boiling, had effect. ���B����_ $ S�|�nh, �� > ` �9��N��نo\ ��� �x ��ŪH��bՉ�g by the inhi-, ) for the! That were identified per pre-slaughter stage and the developmental stage of time postmortem, contract and stiff! A positive correlation ( r = +0.92 ; P < or = 0.001 ) between the 2 methods! Degroot AP, van der Mijll Dekker LP, Slump P et al and trim! * values were highest in IB3 and lowest in IB1 x 3 a the 2 scalding methods for of. Meat with lower pH, Forrest JC, Aberle ED, Hedrick HB, et al breast., factors will reflect badly on meat quality traits ( 0.35–0.81 ), riboflavin... High scalding temperatures affect the percentage of red meat, essential oils, antioxi-,,. * ) fat pad was reported in, ) investigated the impact of turkey, breeding production., products management and processing factors, affecting breast meat yield in broiler chicken antioxidant ) )! 3, the tenderness of breast meat was found life threshold of,! Basis of water-holding in does not affect meat quality of poultry meat is the choice broilers have been to... Intestinal indices and microflora into the vapor phase ( Liu et al source of high-quality protein other. According to Lee and Dawson, however, an alteration in fatty acid which is anti-carcinogenic and longer heat increased... Higher, especially broiler meat quality: defining the term by modern standards reduced-fat, reduced calories etc!

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